Features and Accessories

Double Bottom Rail

Arrow’s unique double bottom rails facilitate the safe carriage of small items. Even items as small as 300 mm square can be safely secured by our poling system.

Hazard Plates

Acting not only as a visible width indicator but as an extra safety measure, our hazard plates are totally strong and easily removable. Should the load shift, for example in an accident, they act as an extra safety measure to prevent the glass from sliding forwards off the rack.

Folding Foot

Width restrictions are becoming an increasing irritant to those working in built up areas. At the end of a hard day’s work the last thing anybody needs is a diversion due to the size of your vehicle. Any rack is capable of being fitted with a ‘folding foot’ base plate to help you avoid this.

In certain environments it is necessary for you to be mindful of your vehicle width. An Arrow glass rack with a folding foot offers the most slim-line glass carrying system available. The base plate folds up into the same width as the upright sections a mere 65 mm.