Quality Control and Safety Features

Our competitors may cut corners, we don’t…

Hazard Plates

The red and white hazard plates fitted to Arrow’s racks, serve not only as a visible width warning but also as an extra safety measure during severe breaking or an accident. They will, in the event of an accident, stop the glass from sliding forward past the drivers door.  A somewhat important measure if your operative is driving in warm weather with his arm out of the window.


By using only the best quality products, Arrow’s racking systems stand the test of time. Inferior Products will not last long in the British climate.


Arrow only use top quality ladders which are then cut to size for each individual van and powder coated. Rubber tips are fitted for safety reasons. It is important to not only use top quality equipment but also to take the utmost care when fitting these parts.


This vehicle was rear-ended at high speed and whilst a small amount of damage was caused to the vehicle where the car hit it directly, absolutely no damage was caused at the points where the rack is connected to the van. The side rack simply swivels forward upon impact so no damage is caused to the roof rack either. In fact even the spring loaded poles were undamaged.